The Hidden Valley

Welcome to The Hidden Valley! This is my icon, where I put all my LJ icons, old and new.

Version 2 of HV is again very pretty! Don't you think? Special thankies to Magitek Designs for it again. I don't know what anime it's from, but I like it! Hehe.

Anywho, enough of my babbling. You're probably thinking, "Where's the icons?" And right on! Where ARE the icons? Well, the navigation is to the right, as you can see. Enjoy!


9/18/04 - Some big news today: this site will no longer be a guild layout site. This, however, does not mean it's going down. I am merely changing it to a LJ Icon site instead, because I have much more time to make those than guild layouts, since they don't take nearly the time. It's still called the Hidden Valley, and it's still going to be Version 2. It's just going to have different graphics. I'm sorry about the short notice on this, but it must be done and I had no time to warn you of it earlier. Please bear with me as I put up all my icons. I'm sorry to those who needed a request done, also.

9/11/04 - We reached 500 views so I put Version 2 up! I thought it was a good reason to celebrate. ^^ The site's only been up for 5 days, so that's not too bad! It took a little while to code, but I'm happy with the result. See above for credits and such.

9/10/04 - Woah! I've been busy lately filling all the requests - 8 in all! I've still got a few left to do but I thought I'd stick these up first.

Quite a variety, but still no anime layouts. =( Sorry, but no one has requested  any! Here's what's been added to the Games section: Harry Layout, Diary Layout, and Ice Skater Layout. And here's what's been added to the Neopets section: Underwater Layout, Food Layout, Baby Layout, Kachoogles Layout, and Illusen Layout. Enjoy!

9/8/04 - Custom page has been changed a bit. Sowwy for the inconvience. =( Please be sure to read it thoroughly before requesting a layout, or you will be ignored. Should have more layouts tomorrow.

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